What is the basic flow of ice cream shop

More and more

ice cream shop, business is also very popular, attracting a lot of novice investors to join, if you want to open the ice cream shop, then how should we start? There is no ready-made model for reference? Xiaobian finishing the relevant steps, I hope you play a reference role.

two, shop choose


Select the

selection of independent business people without this step. You must choose to join in this regard, the importance of brand choice undoubtedly, in this process, must inspect the franchise’s products, reputation, and follow-up services to protect the interests of franchisees policy etc..

five, store decoration

The store decoration was bright open a shop in

, the first glance can seize the attention of consumers, in order to attract more customers to come to the consumer. In this way, people will join the advantage, because joining a brand, the company will be joining support, they will send someone for you to create a different environment in the shop, so I don’t worry too much.

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