The big opportunities for copying copybook

The emergence of

computer, convenient for our life, enrich our lives, but also brought some negative effects. Take the traditional culture, since the computer, more and more people will write Chinese characters less, because of this, but also for copying copybook to bring new business opportunities!

The traditional writing method:


to printed calligraphy language textbooks, not only on G or less g, like people on a high level, most people have no way to take this step in a short time.

Practical experience in

we validate Chinese characters writing principle: exercise three times a day, each one hour, one day can form the habit of writing; three times a day, every half an hour, and a day to form the habit of writing. To practice a month, your words will not let your friends envy, this is the word product to catch up.

fool version according to the principle of design practice calligraphy. It analyzes the Chinese characters writing, form the habit of writing rules, found along a path running faster than the track changing form the habit of writing.

note: the first word to adults for two consecutive days, the word of an hour or more to develop the habit of writing every day, many people buy a copy to fool calligraphy practice, is due to the living habits of inertial obstacles, as the saying goes: the tripod head to play it is for this reason that only a strong stimulus in order to break the old habits, establish new habits.

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