ntegrated ceiling ten brands list

Because of the change of people’s demand and the development of the science and technology of the industry, the market of

ceiling is constantly changing. Therefore, the product line is more and more abundant, and the integrated ceiling becomes a new product. Our ordinary colors are very monotonous ceiling, through the ceiling can enrich the ceiling. Integrated ceiling brand have what? What are the best integrated ceiling? What are the integrated ceiling brands? Xiao Bian listed on the top ten brands of integrated ceiling, hoping to help you are overwhelmed by the ceiling to provide a help.

integrated ceiling ten brand rankings, NO.1 BOLN BOLN (BOLN was founded in 1980s, is Home Furnishing space, commercial space leading brands, the main business is concentrated in the bathroom heating system, ventilation system, lighting system, integrated roof, wall, indoor background system, integrated design, manufacturing, installation and field service).

integrated ceiling ten brand list NO.2, Austria, OUR (Zhejiang Aohua electrical Limited Liability Company, integrated ceiling ten brand Chinese green building materials products, has a number of independent intellectual property rights of national patents, ceiling Association unit, first introduced the concept of ecological human settlements, is committed to the indoor environment control system of integrated product development production and sales of state-level high-tech enterprises.)

integrated ceiling ten brand list, Ronshen NO.3 (Guangdong Ronshen electric Limited by Share Ltd, Ronshen integrated ceiling ceiling, the ten brands, the domestic integrated ceiling industry leading enterprises, is committed to the people for the pursuit of LuxeHome life with the design lead, functional, user-friendly and intelligent products as a whole, has been suspended "Heaven Art Prize").

integrated ceiling ten brand list, NO.4 OULU (continental European Guangzhou city building materials Co. Ltd., integrated ceiling ten brand, the first silver ion antibacterial ceiling, leading home decoration, ceiling fixture solutions provider, the national government image project partners, on behalf of China green building materials products, large scale aluminum ceiling one of the producers).

integrated ceiling ten brand list NO.5, AIA Mso (AIA, China integrated ceiling industry founder and leader, focused on innovative design and excellent performance to create a first-class indoor ceiling overall solution. In 2004, AIA application of MSO modular technology invention integrated ceiling, not only to achieve the kitchen ceiling decoration aesthetic upgrade, but also to achieve the expansion and optimization of the electrical function module

integrated ceiling ten brand list NO.6, top DS (Zhejiang mobile electric Limited by Share Ltd, top DS, integrated ceiling of the top ten brands, with the industry’s first design institute and the first flying

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