Join the Long Wo sub features what are the advantages of Oolong mask

long grass son characteristics Oolong face? In the food and beverage market, very popular, but also deeply loved by consumers. How to join the long grass Zi Oolong? High quality entrepreneurial good choice, worthy of trust, it is worth joining!

Long Wo sub characteristic Seafood noodles and I think you have learned a lot, but to want to join this brand for investors, we have to talk about the characteristics of catering stores to join the pasta.

Long Wo Zi Zi features the following advantages:

1. unified management: send not professional staff to visit the store, hands-on professor of successful management experience.

2. unified image recognition: join the use of unified CI identification system, to create a unified brand image.

Unified quality standards:

3. headquarters to provide unified quality kitchen equipment, furniture, Seafood noodles, soup and other items for the franchise.

4. unified management model: headquarters for the franchise to provide a unified management system documentation, in accordance with the standards of day-to-day management, optimize the management model.

5. unified service standards: to provide customers with standardized, standardized services, to ensure that the long grain Oolong face a good social image.

6. unified supply channels: improve the distribution system, reduce the purchase cost, enhance the price advantage.

7. unified price policy: the implementation of a unified price policy, thereby ensuring the good development of the market.

8. unified advertising: annual investment of nearly one million advertising costs, mainstream media advertising support.

9. unified supervision and guidance: to supervise the operation of the franchise stores, to ensure the effective operation of the whole organization.

significant advantages of joining the project, has been very hot. How to join the long grass Zi Oolong? Small entrepreneurial choice. If you join the long grass sub characteristics of Oolong project, is also a very exciting. So, hurry up! Don’t hesitate!

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