2012 end of the project highlights

as we move towards the end of 2012, 2012 is about to say goodbye to us. At the end of each year, is a big summary, a large summary of the time, then, 2012 this year, what good projects, might as well look back together!

waste treatment

several added per ton garbage profit 80 yuan. In 2000, a man named Wang Yingbin in Sichuan, Guanghan, set up a garbage treatment plant through personal investment, 3 years later, he withdrew all the investment. Now, this garbage treatment plant can not only digest the city’s daily production of 100 tons of garbage, but also the production of organic compound fertilizer and recycled plastic bags, annual net profit of $2 million 400 thousand. Profits are mainly from three aspects: 1) the sale of classified trash cans; (2) engineering costs; 3) the value of recyclable materials to create.

men’s underwear shop

> from above, small

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