Network marketing has a variety of channels to promote customer referrals

it is a physical store or shop, marketing are entrepreneurs have to consider, in the network so developed today, the clever use of network marketing, can not only improve store popularity, higher sales can be reached. The following are a few tips to introduce customers to introduce the way, interested friends may wish to take a look at.

1, the establishment of membership points system

now many mall website have built the membership points system: buy the product can get points, reviews can also earn points, points of different amount can enjoy different levels of discount can be integral for the goods inside the mall. These are the strategies used by many stores.

2, directly to the benefits of

this practice are more direct, more realistic approach. Simply put, is to help people who turn to the site to introduce certain benefits. Specific methods can be direct commissions, kickbacks, or cash vouchers and return gifts etc..

3, stimulate the feelings and interests of the audience resonance

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