What do you need to operate dessert shops

operating dessert shop difficult? Now many investors choose this kind of entrepreneurial projects, it seems it is not difficult to operate. How should the specific operation? Many franchisees are very interested in this issue, if you want to further explore, then look at the small series together.

cold areas, generally afraid of sweet, obviously people in these places need more heat added. Therefore, the northern part of the dessert than the southern part of the dessert to be lighter. Open a dessert shop in different regions, we should take care of the local people’s eating habits. The modern diet is usually abundant, absorb a lot of nutrients, generally not love eating sweet things. In Guangzhou, many restaurants in the hotel after dinner are served dessert, such as mung bean syrup, although fresh hot, smell the smell, but many guests only eat a few mouthfuls that is too sweet. Dessert must cater to the changes in the tastes of the public, ten years ago, the taste is different today, different desserts, can not be sweet enough as a sign. The most important thing is to make the sweet, there are all kinds of flavor, such as sugar and orange, fruit, almonds or tofu with brown sugar, make "sweet" characteristics.

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