Quan Ren announced that celebrity attention is a beautiful thing

entertainment side of the venture while the stars are everywhere, able to do the best investment when the boss may be only Quan Ren. Recently, Quan Ren announced her retirement to focus on investment, is also a must rely on talent can eat on his handsome life!

3 17, actor Quan Ren published a long micro-blog announced yet, focusing on venture capital, said that this is a thought for a long time decision. Micro-blog, he shared the reporter Wang Yanqing article "Quan Ren: his attention is a beautiful thing", which describes his experience and make the idea of Quan Ren.

in recent years on the screen you rarely see the figure of Quan Ren, Quan Ren more to Hot pot shop owner, investors become the star transformation model. Personal studio was founded in 2008, has invested for "witness", "children", "national beauty and heavenly fragrance war" and other TV series.

2013 years, Quan Ren investment set up a hot pot shop. In 2014, he and Li Bingbing,, Huang Bo,, who set up STAR  VC campaign business. 2015 is Star  VC co-founder of the Boao youth leaders roundtable. In a group photo of the Boao forum, he was also known as the man standing behind him".

3 22 to 25, Quan Ren will once again be invited to participate in the Boao forum for Asia in Hainan. This will be the second time he has been invited. And throughout the year, he re – thinking about the value of self, but also the dissolution of the studio for 5 years.



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