Million in the most profitable small projects

for a lot of people, entrepreneurship is like a distant dream, the heart of the entrepreneurial heart, suffering from no money. In fact, the best entrepreneurial projects than those low cost and high profit items. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a few small entrepreneurial projects, within ten thousand yuan will be able to make your business success.

3000 venture: fragrance plant bonsai shop

investment conditions: 1). Location: 20 square meters above the shop, should be in the market or flower market, densely populated areas. 2. Purchase of vanilla seeds, flower pots and shelves, bulk purchase of about 3000 yuan, you can start.

5000 yuan venture: old supplies store

on the market really need some special shopping center of the elderly, to provide the necessary clothing, food, shelter, health care, medical equipment and supplies for the elderly, these activities need some special material design and production, in order to adapt to the needs of middle aged and elderly people.

7000 venture: lazy supplies store

from last winter to summer, roadside shops more and more lazy, a variety of related chain stores, franchise shop set off wave. All the goods in the store are linked with lazy words, almost care about the needs of all aspects of the lazy life.


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