Ningde city college graduates to support entrepreneurship to arrange 20 million yuan each year

support college graduates entrepreneurship, this is not just a slogan, not just the voice of the majority of entrepreneurs, preferential policies, adequate financial support is actually more important. To this end, the city of Ningde to arrange 20 million yuan each year to support college graduates entrepreneurship, so as to make a greater contribution to the development of local entrepreneurship.

learned from the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social entrepreneurship, Ningde independent college graduates from 634 in 2013 to the current population of up to 1752, entrepreneurial projects reached 1394, driven by the employment of 12651 people.

it is understood that the city’s annual arrangements for 20 million yuan of financial funds as a starting point for college graduates to start their own businesses to support funds and small loan guarantee funds. Where the application and assessment of college graduates can receive subsidies from 3 to $100 thousand, included in the provincial support, cities and counties to give matching grants for the first venture, giving each household $2000 to $5000 one-time subsidy.

2014 and 2015, a total of 23 projects included in the provincial entrepreneurship subsidy projects, the number of the province’s largest city in the forefront. In order to integrate resources, the city set up 9 business incubation base for college graduates to build a platform for exchange and cooperation. In the province held the first college graduates to start their own business achievements exhibition, 134 students participating enterprises.

at the same time, pay attention to selection of qualified independent entrepreneurial university graduates to enter the village committee team, to play a leading role in the greater. On the municipal government portal opened a college graduate independent business sector, the establishment of the city of Ningde to support college graduates to start their own businesses, to build a network of exchange and cooperation platform. Through a series of promotion, training a number of college graduates to start their own business advanced typical.

although the current state to promote college graduates embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, but entrepreneurship is the need to fund as a support, so the government will have much money to support the fact that the key. Therefore, the Ningde municipal government has such a strong support, I believe the local undertaking will usher in rapid development.

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