Wang Nana incident investigation results released by the investigation of the incident Wang Nana

19, Henan "Wang Nana false university" incident joint investigation team announced the conclusion of the investigation, the incident is true, 9 people were punished. The reason for the punishment is not responsible for the work, failure to perform their duties, or even serious dereliction of duty". However, the conclusion of the investigation is still a debate: to replace the incident is the replacement of a single force to get it? If it is "through the intermediary to spend money to buy the index", then the so-called intermediary is how to get the "index"? Intermediary "index" and how can all the way? Is it just a loophole in the management of loopholes? This is the only way to buy indicators of behavior? Should not be held accountable?


apply for loans and credit cards, personal information is not real

2014, apply for small loans, but the same conditions of the applicant, only Wang Nana has not been approved.

why refused Wang Nana didn’t care?. May 2015, Wang Nana apply for large credit card bank of communications, was rejected again. Bank staff have been working together to tell Wang Nana, was rejected because of personal information is not true, the bank found in the review of Wang Nana is a college degree, and the data is filled in the high school of the. Bank staff also asked whether or not to forget the college.

Wang Nana Mongolia, how can forget their hours? Poor family, the parents let the three brother and sister dropped out of school for king Nana school. In order to tuition, mother also went to Zhengzhou to sell vegetables, hard day and night.

2002 Wang Nana in Shenqiu to participate in the college entrance examination, because the local remote home, in October, was not admitted to the exam, and the election in Shenqiu two high repetition.

2003, on no news after the test, Wang Nana still remember tardy heartache admission notice, in the face of guilt and parents, brother and sister. This thing can forget? Wang Nana guess, their identity and education information may be stolen.


Who is this Wang Nana

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