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women in the middle of pregnancy, the breast will slowly generate some milk, then the nipple has begun to secrete a little milk. Breast massage care is very important. Pregnant women can be in the bra pad with a cotton pad or breathable, clean gauze, shower with warm water to wash the nipple, the intensity is not too large. There are several ways to massage the breast care.

breast massage nursing

pregnant women in pregnancy how to care for the breast? You can be pregnant mothers during the first 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, to do some preparation for postpartum lactation, preparatory work, there are nipple care and breast massage, etc.. However, care should be to promote blood circulation and breast development as the goal, the frequency and intensity of massage should be appropriate, especially in the second trimester, not suitable for excessive breast massage, you just need to establish the concept of breast massage care.

pregnant mothers, if the nipple is relatively short or the presence of depression, then breast massage care must take a slight pull massage. For breast massage during pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant mothers can take a bath every night before going to bed or massage breasts, each time adhere to 2-3 minutes. The intensity of the massage should be as light as possible, during the massage process, if you feel pain in the lower abdomen, you should immediately stop massage.

breast massage in two ways, the first is the breast massage, first with hot towel before breast massage. Then the left hand across the breast, and then put his right hand on the left hand, hands overlap to the center of the chest push breast. Put your fingers together, placed in the hands of the oblique breast, breast massage push. Finally, from the bottom hold breast pushing hands.

breast massage care is the nipple massage second methods. Wash your hands, nipple external soap water scrub clean, carefully left and right sides of the breast, but to avoid nipple. After cleaning, the hand from the clavicle to breast milk, with the middle finger and index finger massage, thumb and forefinger nipple, enhanced toughness. Use the thumb and index finger massage, massage can be 2 times a day. In addition to taking these two kinds of breast massage care methods, pregnant women can also use a blunt tooth comb comb the breast, from the root to the nipple comb, so that the patency of the tube, beneficial to postpartum lactation.

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