Ganzhou Anyuan 103 million yuan has been issued a small discount loans

2015, the national financial support at all levels to support the development of entrepreneurship. In Ganzhou City, Anyuan, the Employment Bureau in 2015 issued a total of more than 100 million yuan of interest loans, with the form of small loans to help entrepreneurs funding.

2015, Anyuan County Bureau of labor and employment issuing small loans 103 million yuan, completed 124.6% tasks assigned by the superiors, over the completion of small loans to support the issuance of business tasks, small loans to support the entrepreneurial work achieved excellent results.

2015, working around the county government center, small loans to support poor households to expand the scope to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship support, support entrepreneurship and other snack industry business objects; for these three types of qualified staff, small loans to support the implementation of the policy to do, to support entrepreneurship.

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