College students go to the rich road

after graduation is the problem in thinking decide on what path to follow a lot of college students, the employment situation is not good, many college students after graduation to entrepreneurship, college students’ Entrepreneurship on the road to success are also many examples, today there is a road to get rich through their entrepreneurial students, following small band together to listen to his business the story.

A college student

students back to the village into the vast rural areas, entrepreneurs have a brilliant future! Chen Shichang raise goose rich business experience tells us that the students rooted in rural areas, grassroots entrepreneurial wealth, the demonstration effect is immeasurable, not only rich farmers, but also can promote the efficiency of agriculture, can even change the existing layout of the agricultural industry in rural areas, from a single traditional planting, breeding, processing industry and agriculture to the development of the service industry, implementation the one or two and three industries go hand in hand.

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