2015 Ruichang issued 130 million yuan of small loans to help re employment

can not get effective use of the policy is useless policy. Once upon a time, China’s entrepreneurial loans welfare tasteless, difficult to eat. In order to solve the problem of slow application of small loans, such as difficult to apply, Jiangxi, Ruichang set up a special green channel to speed up the loan approval, reduce risk.

"at the beginning of last year, to beautify the improvement of kindergarten environment, I put the kindergarten again a new decoration, added more than and 40 square meters of space, also set up a number of children’s entertainment equipment, but encountered liquidity difficulties, thanks to the Employment Bureau 100 thousand yuan free small loans to solve my money" as pressing danger. "." Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong kindergarten kindergarten teacher Chang told reporters that she was a land lost farmers, the government helped to set up the kindergarten. She will make every effort to let the children grow up healthy and happy, to repay the government’s love.

the small loan guarantee center set up small loans Easy Access, providing policy advice, qualification, guarantee, loan review, payment for small loans to people and small businesses " one-stop service; ". In the premise of material authenticity, compliance procedures, complete information, simplify procedures, and break the normal procedure for the borrower, the borrower can make timely get loans; sound "loan and" three aspects of the supervision and management of self employment training management, reduce the risk of small loans.

80 graduates Sun Baolin 2011 home business, 50 thousand yuan for the first time into the open hardware store is to apply for a free small loans to pay rent and Employment Bureau, the purchase of electrical parts. Baolin from early to late, to run the site, looking for relationships, opportunities and finally in 10 months after coming "".

2011 December day Baolin store to a middle-aged man booked several switches. Second days to deliver the goods on time Baolin, found that middle-aged man computer is broken, just will he Baolin maintenance, neat and quick to fix the computer. A few months later, the middle-aged people call, said to be 50 thousand yuan to the goods from the store. Bao Lin suddenly did not react, so once again confirmed, that middle-aged people are the person in charge of a factory, completed the first big business since the opening of the store.

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