Anhui college students can enjoy four preferential measures

After the

eighteen, the party and the central government expressed the strong determination to support the entrepreneurial students. Governments at all levels have also introduced policies to deal with, Anhui graduates want to engage in Entrepreneurship in the future can enjoy four preferential measures.

to student welfare come Graduate Entrepreneurship, reporter in November 30th from the college graduate employment Entrepreneurship Policy Advisory reception day was informed that at present the relevant departments of Anhui Province jointly issued a series of measures to support college students graduate entrepreneurship.

"college students after graduation, not employment if the students want to start a business, you can go to the local community sector for the" Employment Permit ", the local community sector will be issued" Employment Permit "," Employment Permit "to receive after you can enjoy the tax in the process of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial loans and discount support other preferential policies." Deputy director of the provincial education department employment guidance center Yan Mingsheng said.


tax relief measuresCollege graduates to

two measures: business loans and discount support

for qualified college graduates entrepreneurship in the business application business loans in accordance with the provisions of the loan amount is 100 thousand yuan. And to encourage financial institutions to refer to the base rate loans, with the risk sharing condition, reasonably determine the loan interest rates on personal business loans issued, go up on the loan base rate on the basis of less than 3 percentage points, given by the financial discount.

three measures: to waive administrative fees related to

four measures: training subsidy for

For college graduates in the graduation year

(ie the year before graduating from July 1st 12 months) in the entrepreneurship training, according to their access to entrepreneurship training certificate or employment, entrepreneurship, training shall be given subsidies.

it is understood that the college graduates entrepreneurial willingness, public employment service agencies and personnel will also provide business guidance services free of charge, including policy advice, information services, project development, risk assessment, business guide, financing services, tracking support and other one-stop business service.

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