Do not be impatient to do business

some people’s character is like this, what is the pursuit of speed, once a little dissatisfaction, it is prone to conflict. In short, retailers are impatient, they are rash and too much in haste when doing business, want consumers to consume as soon as possible, and therefore often chenbuzhuqi, a reminder again urging customers to. This will not only easily lead to resentment of customers, but also adversely affect the future business.

besides, it is not only right, but also impolite to treat customers with this attitude. Customers have their own choice, as the retailer, should learn to wait, this is respect to the customer, on the other hand can also show their stable, but also to avoid unnecessary mistakes in the sales process.

Wang Huaxin is a neighbor of mine who opened a convenience store a few years ago. He is a feisty person, hope that through their own efforts to make good grades, so usually operate very carefully. Later, he opened a supermarket next to the store, the business is very good, attracting a large number of customers. Wang Huaxin heart some not satisfied, they want to exceed each other.

has this idea is good, but the performance in action, he becomes a bit impatient: each customer visit, Wang Huaxin could not help but always urge customers, wish they can immediately buy and buy. As a result, a lot of customers feel sick and disgusted, often nothing to buy on a hasty departure, and later do not want to patronize.

Wang Huaxin looked at his shop customers gradually less, business deserted, more anxious heart, in the business is more confused, can not help but again and again urged customers to buy. If the customer refuses, he will be very angry, his face immediately cold down. Slowly, Wang Huaxin began to become hot tempered, often in business mistakes, not into the wrong goods is to take the wrong things to the customer, causing a lot of dissatisfaction. Finally, because the customer complaints too much, Wang Huaxin had to shop to others.

haste makes waste. Wang Huaxin anxious for success, not only failed to restore the situation of the store failed, but seriously disrupted the normal operation, the loss outweighs the gain.

impatience is a bad mood, it will have a negative impact on the retail business. Therefore, the retail household to adjust their mentality, keep calm and cautious in sales, think twice before, neither reckless battle, also do not give up halfway. In the process of operation, to give customers ample time to consider, do not blindly rush to sell at the same time, should pay attention to the pace of work, training plan and rational behavior, keep a normal heart, take time for.

business is a lot of time to adhere to the process, we need long-term accumulation, the short term would like to have a good effect is actually very difficult. All in all, sales need to be calm and impetuous

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