2016 Chinese students innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held in Beijing

in the current national entrepreneurship environment, whether it has been receiving traditional education in the country, or returnees, have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Recently, the United States and the European Union will be held in Beijing forum and 2016 Chinese students innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held in Beijing. This forum is organized by the European and American students will · China Students Association, WRSA BSFLP Committee, WRSA chamber of Commerce, the 2005 Committee Co China and globalization think-tank (CCG) contractors, has been held for 11 sessions.

after years of overseas experience, students have a broad international perspective and global network, master the knowledge of science and technology, advanced business model, innovative spirit, full of enthusiasm, has the inborn comparative advantages in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, China in social development, plays an irreplaceable role in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in.

(CCG) and China global think tank released international talent blue book "China International Development Report" shows, from 1978 to the end of 2015, all kinds of personnel abroad totaled 4 million 42 thousand and 100 people, 2 million 218 thousand and 600 people returning home after completing their studies. Foreign students have become an important part of the talent team in the new era, the high level students have gradually become the leader and the new force to improve the ability of independent innovation.

the forum from the talent strategy and the construction of a large-scale, innovative, risk-taking and returned the innovative talent team objectives, around the "new period of economic Chinese returnees business promotion and influence", "capital boost business innovation and transformation" and "Chinese returnees innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities with the challenge of" returnees ", occupation development and continuing education, optimize talent development environment to stimulate returnees innovation" and "cultural and creative industries to create double ecological circle six issues held Roundtable forum. The guests to explore innovative China each one airs his own views, students of the road, for the future to attract more students to return to Chinese employment to explore a more broad development path, stimulate innovation and vitality.

, vice president of WRSA Chinese and globalization think-tank (CCG) director Wang Huiyao said that the current Chinese students entered a hitherto unknown era, students have become an important new force, play a special role in the modernization of our country. Under the new situation, the CPC Central Committee on foreign workers attention to foreign country business support, the central government has recently issued a document to establish overseas organizations across the country, this is a very good start.

as a special group in China, with the increasing exchanges between China and the international community, the greater the number of returnees, the relevant forum is also increasing. Europe and the United States and the Beijing forum for Chinese students to study innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum as China’s largest, the longest history of the theory of returnees

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