Every woman wearing a bra should not exceed 12 hours female health network

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the right bra can protect the breast, avoid excessive breast sagging, the beauty of women in the display in the contrast effect, if not the right bra will bring pain to the body. Therefore, female friends must pay attention to when choosing a bra, moderate size, wear should not be too tight or too narrow, and we should pay attention to the regular activities of upper limb, shoulder straps in position. Do not wear a bra when sleeping, not to go out at home or do not meet the guests, you can also consider the use of less, so you can lift or ease its restraint on the chest.

according to the theory, it is clear that the more tight bra for breast health. Therefore, experts recommend that women wear less as far as possible, no bra straps or have copper wire; chemical fiber products to replace cotton bra bra bra, try to reduce the time every day, it is best to wear out, and a home is removed, and then massage the breast, so that the parts of the lymphatic system to return to normal.

research shows that often with a bra to sleep easily lead to breast cancer. The researchers conducted a survey of two and a half years of more than 4700 women, found that wearing a bra every day time in 12 hours, the risk of breast cancer is 21 times with short time people; if even sleep when they put people, this figure will jump to 113 times. The study noted that the incidence of breast cancer increased year by year, with the popularity of bra.

study showed that the bra will oppression the lymph in the breast, so here the toxins produced by the not easy eduction, will be the days and months multiplying. Moreover, most of the bra made of chemical fiber, chemical fiber in the toxic and harmful substances will also bring adverse stimulation of the breast, wearing a long chemical fiber bra, is undoubtedly an important factor in promoting breast cancer.


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