Enter the overall wardrobe Market to find emotional resonance with customers

compared with the previous, now consumers are very smart, but also attach great importance to the brand. A brand that can be recognized by consumers and trusted can create more profits. This requires the brand to create a resonance with the customer.

what brand resonance? It is a common reaction between the brand owner and the brand consumer, the brand consumer and the brand. The essence of brand communication is a kind of harmonious relationship between consumers and brands. For the overall wardrobe enterprises, the development of consumer resonance of the brand can not only bring more brand loyalty, but also the long term development of the wardrobe enterprises winning magic weapon.

brand resonance can bring a high degree of loyalty and more support

brand resonance in advertising claims tell the target precious and unforgettable life experience, life experience and feelings, to arouse and stimulate their deepest memories, and give the brand specific connotation and symbolic meaning, establish the target of the emotional associations. Love, affection, friendship, nostalgia and national feelings are the main content focus on brand resonance.

in addition, can resonate with consumers the brand to bring more supporters and advocates for their own. On the one hand, the brand as a medium to produce a profound relationship between consumers, which brings unexpected social value to consumers, so consumers to resonate with the brand will have a sense of belonging, as its advocates, and other use of the brand identity; on the other hand, for consumers to empathize can the brand will have a kind of persistence in emotional pursuit, will be willing to talk about the brand with other people, and the initiative to collect more information about the brand, and actively recommend to others.

let emotions and values of consumer brand resonance

emotion is there to go beyond the transaction reason, both buyers and sellers can feel from the in service delivery to pleasure. The wardrobe enterprises blindly emphasized attributes and functions of products, can not meet the needs of consumers more psychological, will gradually be eliminated, a touch the inner world of consumer emotional appeal will often give consumers a profound and lasting recommendation

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