Double 11 night electricity supplier logistics services Park

this year’s double 11 hot trend over last year, thousands of electricity providers entrepreneurs busy all night. This year, the major electricity supplier park logistics staff also joined the ranks of 11 double busy, do a good job in the park electricity supplier companies related services.

"double eleven" war before "worship"

Park to attract businesses to fight service

in addition to gifts, as well as Internet companies responsible person on the stage constantly building mass red, said the evening will be issued 8888 yuan WeChat red. The audience are glued to the phone from time to time stuck, afraid to miss one hundred million". Park side also gives a lot of benefits. The industrial park planning director Ouyang Zhouyong told the express reporter, 11, zero point one, as long as the electricity supplier first breakthrough 500 thousand yuan, 1 million yuan, will be sending a red envelope, "how many enterprises, we park how many, there is no upper limit of


in last night to this morning’s reception, the park offers snacks, snacks, coffee and other food for the business, rest with the bed and a sofa, tea table and Kung Fu, for businesses to exchange tactical skills. Also called a line of beautiful women, to provide free massage services. This is the first time to do such services, electricity providers who have been well received, the next year will provide benefits." Ouyang Zhouyong said.

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