Entrepreneurs generally lack of life time

maybe you are just an ordinary worker, for the understanding of entrepreneurship is time is free, everything is to control their own control. However, if you truly become an entrepreneur, so small in here to remind you, don’t look forward to another life time, because many entrepreneurs are all his time to his business career.

entrepreneurs have no life time schedule

Just like the song sung,

" nobodycancasuallysucceed, " Zhou Hongyi also once said that every entrepreneur in the future to prepare their own imagination with a few years of success even beyond success, should calm down and ask yourself, I’m not ready to put those winners eat bitter suffering, bear the pressure in a few years or even double again?

as the saying goes, daily expenses daily necessities daily necessaries tea " ", entrepreneurs eyes every day facing the rent, electricity, wages, payment, cash flow and a series of pressure, doing well you to run faster, do not shun it you want to walk out of predicament as soon as possible, your brain is not in every hour and moment combing the company’s size, pressure, will deeply change your life and state of mind. I believe every entrepreneurs have experienced countless awakened from a dream, took notes a flash idea and then go back to sleep at night.

entrepreneurs can never stop, I was very curious why a lot of companies have done a very big job intensity is still very large entrepreneurs, and even greater pressure than I do. There is a Legend Holdings vice president Ning min told me, in fact, success is " " people involuntarily in the arena; because he, every step forward to mobilize a lot of resources, for example, will give men promised greater stage, more income will give partners promised a reasonable return, even to the superior the unit in charge of junlingzhuang…… It is impossible to stop, once the stop of all the promises can not be honored, and everyone’s expectations will be disappointed……

entrepreneurial opportunity cost is high

according to my observation, more than half of the entrepreneurs are stumbled on the road, before they start a business, it is not clear how entrepreneurship is also not clear, business will bring what changes to their lives and life, just had a passion and a romantic and beautiful imagination began, embarked on a long, full of variables, often feel confused, helpless in the long march.

before starting a business, we must estimate their opportunity costs, people who want to start the business, are peers in the leader, but the more outstanding people choose to give up the more things. If >

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