Honest business let female workers laid off successful transformation of

the pressure of employment, many people face the risk of unemployment, now more and more laid-off workers to the integrity of the road of entrepreneurship, choose their own businesses, the following Xiaobian introduce thought honest business the laid-off female workers successful transformation of entrepreneurial story to help women to inspire thousands of posts.


here, Huang Guorong also has won the "Sichuan province model worker", "Sichuan Province, the 38 red banner pacesetter" dozens of honors. In 2012, the national employment and entrepreneurship award ceremony, she won the highest award – by the State Council for the national employment and entrepreneurship outstanding individuals, and awarded the gold medal.

integrity: "as promised, losses must finish health

2004 one day, Huang Guorong’s toilet is blocked. Pipeline dredging workers only two minutes to get, charging $50. The money spent dearly, but let Huang Guorong found a business opportunity: why don’t I do my own business?!

soon, a shop she went behind the food market, with a table, made a billboard, led by the telephone lines, usually called a few good sisters when employees, Huang sister homemaking company just established.

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