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although the purpose is different, but the chest scenery, has been the focus of attention of men and women. Perhaps we are concerned about the external "ting" but did not pay attention to her inherent factors. In fact, in life, there are a lot of bad habits will make the breast very hurt". Beautiful woman breast not only gave the external female charm, can bring the most natural baby care and the best delicious! You may know it’s precious, can not ignore its existence, but if you read it "private album", really understand the secret of ­

breast bump bump

breast fibroadenoma;

of breast fibroadenoma women age slants small, mostly between 20 to 25 years old, so the medical profession that the incidence of estrogen related activity. Although it is a benign disease of breast, but also may have cancer! So once found and diagnosed should be timely surgery, such basic operation can be completed in under local anesthesia, postoperative swelling and don’t forget the routine submission for pathological examination.

breast pain can be light weight, many times with recurrent characteristics, especially in the breast before menstruation will increase; can reach multiple, nodular masses, softer, more brittle, can be seen in unilateral breast lump, also can have on both sides of the breast nipple, sometimes there will be overflow the phenomenon of liquid.

true POSE: breast eczema ­

sometimes is to give the baby to lactating breast appeared some rash, these rash occurs mostly in the nipple or areola area, the prevalence between skin and healthy skin covered with a clear boundary, a little thin, scaly or crusted, skin damage to red brown, and erosion, itching obviously……

in the outer top of the breast to touch a mass (about 3/4 of cases of this disease were solitary tumors), tough texture, smooth surface, clear boundary, no adhesion with the surrounding tissue, it is easy to be promoted at the same time, tumor growth is extremely slow, no other feeling.

true POSE: cystic hyperplasia of breast ­

breast eczema is a common allergic skin rash in lactating women, women tend to be allergic to itself, and may be associated with the disease

recurrent breast pain

breast cystic hyperplasia disease called chronic cystic breast disease, benign hyperplasia of breast stroma, but also a higher incidence of the disease is most common in 25 to 40 years old women, the majority of patients after the onset of a few months to 2 years can be relieved, but in view of a few patients may become cancerous, so every two to 3 months should get physician referral, dynamic monitoring of the condition, if you can learn to be better breast self-examination.

If the

breast rash appeared on

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