2016 do what business is promising Chengdu music industry is preferred

in our daily life there are many music lovers, and now the entertainment, the singing competition is the most frequent, in the life of 35 friends together, go to KTV has become a commonplace thing. December 5th news sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal People’s government, the Chengdu music industry investment promotion project will be held on December 4th, the promotion of a total of 15 projects signed contract amount of more than $15 billion. 2016 what business has a promising future? Chengdu music industry is preferred!

it is reported that the signing of the project includes 4 categories, respectively is the music facilities in the park project, brand Music Festival (showcase) projects, music education and training projects, and Internet plus music project.

in the music facilities in the park projects, including the Guangzhou laford music art experience of innovation and technology demonstration project, the Du Fu Thatched Cottage gate music poetry block, modern sky West headquarters in the project, a small city of audio-visual cultural and creative park, and China western music Valley project. Among them, "China western music Valley" to be in accordance with the new mode of operation, to create a comprehensive music industry base set music production equipment R & D, trading center, logistics warehousing, project incubator, personnel training, tourism, music and other elements as one of the cultural experience.

base will focus on creating high-end instrument production enterprises in the park, characteristics of small and medium business incubator, musical instruments, musical instruments R & D center of logistics distribution center, trading center, music instrument Expo, music town, high-tech music Museum and other key projects, the overall planning and design, full of music elements of the modern enterprise management mode, cluster covers the field of high-end music industry a complete industrial chain, personal and professional service companies and customers, to provide new business platform for the development of the music industry practitioners, to provide new products for the masses of people to experience music, create a representative project for Chengdu City Cultural Construction and development of the music industry.

in the brand Music Festival (showcase) projects, including the music music Rhododendron incubators, Dujiangyan city in the Western Music Culture Park, "Chinese charm" intangible musical heritage exhibition, large Jinli Street "heroes of three" theme drama project, Chengdu international music industry expo. Among them, the Jinli Street "hero three" theme series, through the integration of art and technology, make full use of the international top digital multimedia and design technology, regardless of the stage and the audience, showing the Three Kingdoms culture, traditional values, transfer Zhiyong righteousness tastes, edutainment. The total investment of 370 million yuan, after the completion of the project will be presented to the audience in the full year performance of the way in the field.

music runs through every place in our life, whether it is the living environment of urbanization, or the rural environment, there is no limit to the love of music. Music recommendation

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