Researchers in the United States put forward seven proposals to reduce the risk of breast cancer

cooking to use smoke hoods, reducing consumption of carbonated foods (barbecue).

away from the carpet and interior of the antifouling.

According to

limit emissions of gasoline, diesel and vehicle emissions as far as possible.

reported that U.S. scientists released a list of 17 high-risk substances identified. Most women are exposed to these substances every day and are likely to cause breast cancer.

do not buy furniture containing polyurethane foam (sofa, armchair, etc.), and ensure that the furniture has not been treated with flame retardants.

the shoes in the bedroom and equipped with high efficiency air filter (HEPA) vacuum cleaner, reduce indoor dust and chemical substances in contact.

drinking water with good performance before drinking water filtration.

patronize dry cleaners that do not use four vinyl chloride or other solvents.

"" according to French media quoted Agence France-Presse reported a list published in the United States, American scientists proposed to avoid exposure to chemical substances in 17 of women, to reduce women and highly carcinogenic, may increase the risk of breast cancer risk exposure to chemicals. Among them, avoid contact with chemical solvents or gasoline volatiles impressively.

in addition, U.S. researchers recommend the following precautions:

researchers explained that these substances are mainly high-risk chemicals and gasoline and diesel vehicles in the exhaust gas, and a flame retardant, anti fouling textile, washing water, paint remover and used in the treatment of drinking water disinfectant derivatives.

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