The whole Chuanchuan Xiang brand recommended

string of incense is often said in our mouth spicy hot, each kind of small food with stick signed string together, in the delicious soup cooked in the hands of the special snacks can be eaten directly. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs love to eat string aimed at the consumer trends, to open a string of fragrant chains. However, in the face of numerous franchise brands on the market today, a lot of people made difficult, do not know exactly which to choose a good. In fact, each string of incense stores have their own characteristics, shop choose to join the brand, according to the actual situation of entrepreneurs to decide. Like mother Guanxian incense, incense source string string sign incense, Leshan Volkswagen, mother longevity and so on, these brands are joining each one has its own merits. Like mom Guanxian Chuanchuan Xiang, brand awareness, good mass consumer base, has stores in the country, like the sign incense source string of fragrant taste unique, Leshan Volkswagen Chuanchuan Xiang low price and so on. Therefore, the choice of strings join the brand, according to the actual performance of the market to choose.

string fragrant brand recommendation:

mom Guanxian Chuanchuan Xiang: frankly, Guanxian mom Chuanchuan Xiang decoration is unique, in which people are feeling to eat on. And here do not eat strings do not get angry, very good taste of health. In fact, this has a great relationship with their own production base of raw materials. Their production of raw materials, preparation, conditioning, pollution-free green is very strong. Special attention should be paid to go here must be booked in advance, otherwise there is no seat, impatient consumers to consider good.

sign incense source string incense: sign incense source string of incense in the taste is very healthy and fresh, and here the string formula is very unique. In recent years a lot of buddy to sign Xiangyuan string through the third party platform to help the franchisee to open up the market is very optimistic, like a Baidu takeaway, public comment and the mission platform are in their development highlights. Consumption is not expensive here, almost thirty yuan per capita will be able to eat the United States and the United states.

Sixth aunt

string: consumer positioning "expensive", this is the sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang features, or "small and expensive" is more accurate. Customers with "fine" to describe both six string of food is also very appropriate, generally low per capita consumption is about one hundred yuan.

Leshan Volkswagen: here the green pepper flavor cold string has been very popular reputation, especially after several years of processing and production, soup color is more clear, and eat up a lot of appetite. And in the past few years, where the string prices did not rise, signed in a dollar or so, but, here the hot pot almost furnace.


long from the decoration design to make soup dishes, can be, just for the initial fee, the market has been controversial, some people think the joining fee is too high, some people feel able to accept, it depends on each person’s business strategy.

Lee string: taste comparison positive, >

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