Do business also need to let the customer empathy

the same problem, the owner and the customer stand in two aspects, the direction of thinking will be different, and the impact will be different. In short, the business also needs to allow customers to make empathy, so that the store’s business will be improved. I encountered such a customer, his home office banquet bought 15 pieces of beer in our store, afterwards he also bought a few things I asked him you finished, he said with a few pieces of their drink, I also did not say what.

about 4 months to his father and 5 pieces of beer bottles and not drinking wine and pulled me back to my shop for the 5 pieces of not drinking beer, I see the date has expired, I put the beer bottle and he returned to the 5 pieces of expired beer I didn’t give back, I asked him if he did not explain early drinking beer pull to my shop, I will return to the original price, but has now expired can not be returned.

customers simply do not listen to my explanation, is very angry, but also said that in the past often take care of my business, I do not buy beer at home. Since then, the customer has rarely been in my store. Ask the teacher what would you do with it?

The main symptoms of

customers unreasonable do good

‘s main flavor prescription owner installed foolish he cited


God door Houzhang

own wrong owner anti

learn to guide more understanding

foolish’s clever clumsy Tibet

No unruly guest

world, only the more depressed. Good neighbors actually attracted a lot of suffering, when it comes to the customer is difficult, the purchase of goods put expired again returned back, no retreat, customer said, do not come after the store shopping. The customer is not satisfied, really do not come to this store shopping. What happens to this customer? You do not say, the owner really encountered such a customer, please listen to me slowly.

said that one day, a customer to the store to buy beer, said to buy ten boxes of beer to entertain a friend, that can not be returned to the original box, so that the sale of a smooth transaction. After a few days, did not see the customer the rest to move back, I think this is so over, but after about a month, the customer once again came to the store, the boss said, I can not drink beer to return ah, I this month of no back in the field.

I laughed a little, did not see the customer replied, I laugh, hurriedly said such a sentence, the boss, to help, the remaining six beer box, help me out. I smiled again, still did not answer, the customer then silly >

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