The chest and concentrated to eliminate Furu health network

1 in the chest massage, kneading and pushing skill, the body upright can see the armpit to the chest within the concave and protruding part, the concave part of the left chest with his right middle finger and thumb appropriate forces repeatedly knead, right chest is the opposite; on the protruding part of the left grip to the strength of finger joints will be left the chest highlighted Furu pushed from outside to inside, the right chest is opposite to

3 dress suited to their underwear, the full coated underwear, is the first step in preventing Furu generated! You have Furu, choice of underwear should pay more attention to; the side of heightening and widening, and can complete the entire breast coated principle, or is the correction of the adjustable underwear.

2 use dumbbell exercise body standing straight, is holding a dumbbell in front of the abdomen, and parallel to the body after the pull the dumbbell to the chin, then inhale, exhale, and then down to the place, do 15 to 25 times daily, called round, do three to five rounds, each round between can rest to two minutes.

I do not feel fat, but inexplicably grow excess of fat in the armpit, and no matter what can not be eliminated? Axillary lymph nodes is the main part of the set, when continuous pressure rise, can not relax, will cause the lymph circulation is not smooth, so easily in the armpit on both sides of swelling, the excess fat is is the so-called "Furu" phenomenon! Next to teach you the movement, but it can effectively eliminate the two block annoying little meat! The beauty of you must persevere to exercise!

(internship editor: Chen Xuehong)


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