Need to pay attention to what the whole a bakery

now the catering market is a big cake, as long as you want to bite, basically be able to eat a little, there are a lot of food and beverage market in the operation of the project, each well can be found for their own, take the baking industry. I believe that for many business people want to enter the baking industry, in the shop before and have more or less doubt and confusion, it should pay attention to what the problem? Need to learn what a bakery? The following small one by one to tell you.

what does the bakery need to pay attention to?

first of all, if you intend to join the bread, you can leave a message on our website. We will have a timely manner to communicate with you, if you can further sign the agreement. Followed by the franchisee can choose to start the store’s address, to determine the headquarters will be sent after the relevant personnel to conduct an investigation and analysis, to join the business point. To the decoration of this piece, the headquarters will go all out to help. After the renovation of all stores, staff stationed, and then sent to the headquarters of the relevant training, until the successful opening, as well as the latter has a sound track.

second, is to join the cost problem. Generally tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, some headquarters will give franchisees to provide different grades of low standard of franchise stores stores, is not the same type, the price is not the same, for example, to join a gold shop store than business costs will be high, because of the store product and brand image of this piece will different. To determine a good grade this one store, the headquarters will be the hardware need to tell you, is only some bread machine needs, such as electric oven, mixer, cream, bread and bread making proofing boxes, mold and so on, only here for example.

finally, if it is OK to join this piece, ready to start the implementation of the words, the general headquarters will be free to join the business to design a set of VI brand design. In the market survey this one, will be based on the franchisee’s address and the surrounding situation to provide a detailed market assessment franchisee. Then went to the store decoration this piece, in general, from the initial plan to the subsequent construction plans and renderings, there will be headquarters to send the relevant designers to track the whole. Until the end of the bread baking and cake biscuits will have the relevant personnel training.

also have to remember to check the headquarters and the number of franchise chain stores and franchise business, determined to have more than four stores to be credible.

Hope the above information can join

to bring you some help, if you want to consult our message please in our website below what you see the message after joining other problems, we will contact with you in the first time.

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