The 8 part black woman to anti black areola should use ginseng nourishing health network female 3

the dark complexion for kidney deficiency caused by blood deficiency, and health, diet and lifestyle and washing and dressing will affect the skin beauty. Often in the sun, the skin will turn black, if the abuse of mask cosmetics, facial skin thickening.


6 peach food is most suitable for the stagnation of liver qi, blood caused by poor face grey without china.

if you often work late into the night 2, 3 points, at about 8 in the morning to go to work, then, black eye will appear.

, a black face



2 or 1 teaspoons of royal jelly bee pollen + 1 teaspoon, mixed black eye after the location of dab on a layer. Wash with water after 1 hours. Royal jelly contains amino acids, there are bleaching effect, and can promote the effect of The new supersedes the old.

1 nucleic acid is the preferred nutritional food, Japanese scientists found that women take nucleic acid 800mg daily, after 1 months, the neck skin will become white and attractive.

3 Suanzaoren longan porridge, suitable for both qi and blood deficiency caused by facial skin thickening.


2 rich in nucleic acids

2 in the diet Ziheche porridge, with the efficacy of Yiqi Bushen, yijingyangxue.

three, neck rough black

1 can be taken orally, such as the Six Ingredient Rehmannia pill.

because the skin of the neck and face compared to the lack of a thick layer of fat, coupled with poor blood circulation, it is easy to cause the skin rough black neck relaxation, wrinkles.

7 as "Jane water dish" Distycus, fried, fried, fried, has the functions of tonifying kidney and subcutaneous tissue repair, in addition to surface on the dark brown gas drying.

4 ginseng yam porridge, suitable for gas decay caused by dark yellow face.

medicine: the heart of less blood loss, neck and liver qi stagnation, pale greenish yellow, black neck skin; spleen deficiency blood stasis, neck skin thick black.

5 pollen can eliminate facial spots, whitening beauty.


women want to white, do not have to go to the beauty salon, the daily fruits and vegetables hidden in the tens of thousands of whitening skin care experts. Facial black ginseng edible yam porridge, brown black neck eat gruel, waist and abdomen black can eat more foods containing vitamin C, black eye ring……

1 and Zantedeschia lotus root, chopped into the juicer, add two cups of water mixing. Separate the water from the slag and apply it for 10 minutes. Lotus root and water chestnut is rich in silty, iron and protein, there are scattered blood stasis effect. Apply before going to sleep the best, can reduce the chance of dark circles.

two, black eye circle


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