Will affect your choice of business business forecast 10

we can do business in the end what kind of business, which is a matter of concern to every entrepreneur. And what kind of choice can be made in the end, it is necessary to combine many factors. If there is a forecast for future market development, which is able to cause the attention of countless entrepreneurs. The following, small series will introduce the top 10 predictions, I believe they will have a very large impact on the choice of entrepreneurship.

1.1 billion consumers will use augmented reality to shop

augmented reality (AR) has entered the mainstream game, and then quickly expanded to many other areas, but most probably in the field of shopping outbreak. Augmented reality does not need to look very strange glasses and other equipment, all it really needs is a smart phone and app.

2.30%’s online experience will no longer require screen

in Star Trek, the interaction with the computer is usually through the sound. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, such as the emergence of voice assistant, which means that people will be more commonly used language and computer interaction. If you are a web developer, this means that you need to learn a new set of media operations and a new content development path.

3.20% brands will discard their mobile phone app

many people have been talking about mobile app and responsive web design, which is the best way to provide users with services. However, the change will be those who will not continue to invest in the development of APP company ratio, the reason is simple: app development costs are high, spend so much money to invest in app is really worth it, really want to make a question mark. Responsive web design will continue to grow as more companies reduce their investment in app development.

4. algorithm will change the behavior of more than 1 billion people worldwide

Gartner here, "algorithm", in fact, refers to "artificial intelligence". Gartner believes that in the next five years, artificial intelligence will be a major factor in enhancing human capabilities in the global workplace.

5. based block chain business will reach $100 billion

One of the changes brought about by the digital

business is a huge increase in the number of transactions between companies and customers. Block chain has long been there, but it has played an incredible role in reducing trade friction, increasing the trust of the parties. Block chain technology has not yet reached the most mature, so it can not know how much of its role in the end. However, it is almost certain that it will

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