Be careful to do business customers strange business


is doing retail business, but if you can run into large customers, this is what every owner will feel happy. However, some of the so-called strange big customers continue to talk about business, perhaps not for business oh. So, do business must be careful strange big customers.

this week is the wife and sister shop, I came back into the store after work, see the table put a list of products on the list there are still many varieties, beverages, cigarettes, liquor, and some small amount of food, not decimal. I asked my sister, who is this? Sister replied: the first two days of a man, said to be a company which, to engage in product promotion will be used to entertain, have come back several times, we are stocking him."

I looked at the list, was not what the wine is not high, the smoke is not high, make me suspicious that he wanted the brand of liquor is more popular on the market, fake a lot, is he not afraid of fakes, and so many goods, if it is large in the supermarket to buy, the supermarket is responsible for door-to-door delivery, and transported to the designated place, this is what he figure? I told my sister and wife, if he came to urge the goods, send me a message, I talk to him.

the afternoon of the second day, my sister received the information back to the store and saw a middle-aged man sitting astride the store, is a sister product for its tea, smoking a big sister to smoke. I talked with him, he claimed to be the vice president of a company, the company product promotion by the reception he is responsible for the purchase of goods, if this cooperation is good, the future will continue to cooperate with the man, I watch him closely, saw him wear the shirt collar worn, sewing machine bar this is not in tune.

of course, I am not here to take clothes, because his clothes do not conform to normal, as the occupation managers, the image of clothing is very important, not only are you on behalf of myself, more is the overall image on behalf of the company, so he did not even dress what company management is not willing to, and a deputy general the company, not a shirt.

I said: "goods is no problem, but the money goods in the store are square, and we sent in the past, we are fixed the shop can’t run, you can also follow the goods together." After listening to him, said tomorrow morning with the company’s car and cash to pick up, then out of the door, this is gone.


to do business with big customers door, but, in the face of these large customers, we can not be a "surprise" dazzled, it is these so-called major hidden dangers, there is nothing else to do, take to the store mixed drink mixed pumping, to the customer, we will be good to drink tea and cigarettes this is a little, play, at best is a bully. The witch is to set a careful trap, take the trouble to go back and forth with you, in your God

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