China’s first Tibetan Olympic athletes to cut the sun at the zero hour race

Nearly half a month of intense competition, the London Olympic Games will usher in the most concerned about the day of the province. At 0:00 tomorrow, from our province to go out of China’s first Tibetan Olympic athletes will be the emergence of Yang Yang sister Olympic Games, show the people of our province and the Tibetan people’s style.

cut yangshenjie was born in the province of Haiyan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Gan Zi He Xiang an ordinary Tibetan herdsman family. An accidental opportunity, so that she became a member of the sports team in Qinghai province since the childhood love of sports, and soon began to practice walking under the advice of the enlightenment coach, and has forged a bond with the race. In June 2010, Yang Yang was selected into the national race walking training team, the results also began to climb step by step. In September 18, 2010, at the national championships in Beijing, she won the women’s race. In April 2011, in Jiangsu Taicang at the 2011 IAAF Race Walking Challenge and National Race Walking Championships, cut yangshenjie won the women’s 20 km race second in 1 hours, 28 minutes and 4 seconds of outstanding achievement.

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