How many scenic spots in Xining

in the scenic spots and even Street panels on the left or the personal name It is often seen. wanton graffiti phenomenon. Some people commented that this is not the embodiment of quality, it is said that the behavior is the way to express themselves. Recently, the reporter visited the scenic spots in Xining found that many scenic spots are left on the building similar to the words of a visit.

scenic building left scar

weekend, North Temple to play more people, a reporter in the mid Post Pavilion saw a line of words, marked to the play of time and name. Rest in the pavilion visitors told reporters: "in the construction sites on graffiti is a common phenomenon, always feel to leave what a memorial can, so in these buildings on the left" Scar ", affecting the appearance." The reporter found in the observation, these words are carved by the knife and other tools, or use the deep color pen to write up, writing obviously but not easy to remove. The reporter found along the road to continue to observe, a roadside statue is doomed, is clearly marked with the pen "tour".

Kylin Bay Park trees

is located in the West District, since built and put into use, many people become a good place for leisure and entertainment, kylin Bay Park named Park kylin sculpture, attracted many people to watch and take pictures. However, the reporter visited, kylin’s body has been written on the word, because the body is white kylin sculpture, these words are extraordinarily loud. In addition, the kylin Bay Park tree, can also see graffiti case.

roadside billboards doom

roadside wall all kinds of billboards not only let the city become colorful, and the contents of the propaganda board to the public to play a certain role in education. However, the reporter found in the visit, the pictures on these panels have varying degrees of damage, in the South Gate Street, the reporter saw on the roadside, some pictures were cut, some people face was on the makeup". "To see such a situation is really annoying, people in these characters face graffiti, there are small ads phone number written on it, it can only be used to wipe off the lime plaster, look very uncomfortable." A cleaner said.

cell wall has become message board

graffiti situations exist in many areas, many of the old district of the Yellow River road is located in the inner wall, everywhere above Chapter carved a permit "," love xxx xxx ", many kinds of tricks. An old man told reporters that they here belongs to the old district, what people can enter into the "news, cleaning, in order to make the walls look clean and tidy, specialized community and paint again, but in a few days and then write up these ads." Reporters found in several areas of the elevator, the elevator wall there are such phenomena. (author: Liu Dan)


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