Dongchuan ndustrial Park small and medium sized enterprise park intimate service

In order to better promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the park, Xining Development Zone, Dongchuan Industrial Park, small and medium enterprises to create a "service first" concept, dedicated to the development of enterprises.

build photovoltaic products testing technology service platform. In order to further improve the photovoltaic industry chain in Dongchuan Industrial Park, optimize the environment for the development of photovoltaic enterprises, by the Qinghai SME Business Development Co. Ltd., and Qinghai New Energy Research Institute jointly set up Photovoltaic Testing center. In order to truly play performance Photovoltaic Testing Center, on the one hand, starting from the source, positive for the park to do testing solar photovoltaic products, on the other hand, starting from the industrial terminal services, to do a good job in the construction or have been built to detect medical work station. 2013 complete Photovoltaic Testing Center certification (CMA), and a positive declaration of Key Laboratory of Qinghai Province, and cooperate with the quality of photovoltaic power generation system Chinese Academy of solar and wind power generation system testing center, strengthen technical and operational capacity to enhance the detection of personnel, to further improve and update the detection method of the test items.

highlights technological innovation services. In recent years, in the province, the city and the Development Zone Administrative Committee and other relevant departments to help, support, Venture Park Company actively for the park enterprises to carry out scientific and technological projects, the preparation of research and other scientific and technological innovation. In recent years, continuously improve the technological innovation capability of entrepreneurial enterprises in the park: the year 2012, entrepreneurship Park admission enterprises has obtained 14 patents (including the 2 invention patents, 23 utility model patents), won the 2012 National Science and technology innovation fund project of small and medium sized enterprises of science research project 2, 2013, the introduction of various types of entrepreneurial enterprises in the park professional and technical personnel 41 people, the year by the provinces and cities all technological innovation achievement award 13.

build enterprise training platform. According to the dynamic, complete network service platform for information collection and updating timely, at the same time, the company according to the enterprise production and management, financial management, project reporting, corporate legal risk prevention needs, comprehensive use of online resources of small and medium enterprises in Qinghai business park public service platform (China enterprise business school), to strengthen the entrepreneurial employees counseling and skill training.


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