Xining County Qingzhou rural people go shopping

May 2nd, reporters from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, small holiday period, Xining city received a total of nearly 500 thousand tourists outside the province, the provincial capital to catering, accommodation and transportation and other fields of tourism consumption growth, the total tourism income of 234 million yuan.

According to reports, with the weather turned for the better, April 30th, May 1st, these two days, ushered in a small holiday travel peak, the park and rural tourism reception point tourists increased rapidly in. Many of the tourists in the province in the short distance of the city park tour, around the tour, rural tourism based, which, most of the tourists also choose to visit the provincial capital of the park, shopping. Xining people are more likely to choose the surrounding rural tourism reception points and relatives and friends to spend the holiday, so the day is still the main day of the holiday, accounting for 81.7% of the total number of tourists.

in addition, during the small holiday Xining also received more than 50 thousand tourists outside the province. And since the beginning of this year, Xining tourism department, Changsha to Wuhan and other places to conduct "promotion xiadou Xining" tourism promotion, and through the development of the city’s tourism market supervision and inspection facilities and attractions, scenic environment optimization, have a great relationship to enhance the City reception capacity and other measures, this has to a certain extent activation the spring of Xining tourism market, and the preheating of the tourist season this year, attracted a large number of tourists around the provinces. (author: Yang Jian)

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