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is generally believed that the bloody discharge 60% of cancer, serum, milk or the water sample of benign lesions possibility; with mass should be suspected of malignant tumors, no non bloody nipple discharge often benign.

high salt food is easy to make the breast swell, menstruation before 7 ~ 10 days you should avoid this kind of food.

the following is a female friend breast problems often occur, the following problems of the breast should be treated as soon as possible.

4, weight loss

1, nipple discharge


2, before menstruation eat salt

1, massage

2, breast mass

gently massage the breast, allowing excess body fluids to return to the lymphatic system. Massage, the first liquid soap on the breast, along the surface of the breast to rotate the fingers, about a coin size circle. Then by hand into the breast pressure again bounce, which can prevent breast discomfort has great effect.


3, nipple changes

4, breast pain

for obese women, lose weight will help relieve breast pain.

breast tenderness is often accompanied by severe pain, inflammatory manifestations of breast, common in acute mastitis and breast abscess. Such as pain associated with the menstrual cycle, usually seen in the simple and cystic hyperplasia of the breast.

Foment Bag, a hot water bottle or a hot bath and so on the way to ease the pain of breast. If the use of cold and hot compress alternating method, eliminate the breast discomfort effect will be better.


breast tumor is the main symptom of breast cancer, more than 80% of the mass is found by the patient himself, only a small part of the body was found in the body. Breast mass can also be seen in breast hyperplasia, breast tuberculosis.

above is Xiaobian to introduce the adolescent breast pain relief method when the coup, the girls feel breast pain try more, reduce breast pain. If the pain is too severe, the above method is not effective, you can take into account the hospital for treatment.

inverted nipple can also be seen in breast cancer, often unilateral invagination. Skin around the nipple repeatedly appear eczema, skin itching, durable, should be considered the possibility of sending Jie’s disease, as a special type of breast cancer.

of adolescent breast pain, pain is a process of breast development in very normal physiological field, the girls do not worry too much.


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