When can we leave Xining

in March 13th, and finally there is a ray of sunshine over the Xining, although the blue sky is still not met with the public, but the sky has begun to fade loess. Five consecutive days of floating dust weather, so that the spring was accustomed to the days of the wind sand people have begun to complain: this eat earth days when it can end ah." Reporters learned from the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the two rounds of continuous entry of cold air, so that the dust from Xining.

9 am at, the sky has not appeared in Xining dust, visibility has a distance of 20 km, to 10:37, the sky began to be covered by loess, visibility dropped to 9 km. Since then, 10, 11, 12, 13, dust has not left Xining. What makes this rare weather in Xining? The provincial meteorological observatory captain Wei Shuxia said, the beginning of 9, the periphery of Xining, Haidong region of Hexi Corridor is influenced by dust storms and cold air, wind from the East return, resulted in the dust weather in Xining, Haidong Prefecture; this wave of cold air just left, the beginning of 11, and the cold air from the west to enter, let the cold air temperature decreased and the dynamic undershoot in the sky, and the ground is dry, the air of dust, the dust that day lasted for a long time. The reporter also learned that the sandstorm in the Hexi Corridor, not only to Xining, Haidong Prefecture had an impact, Yinchuan, Lanzhou also appeared in the dust weather, which affected the Lanzhou periphery day, the 12 day also appeared in the dust weather.

dust days when can leave? Has become the most concerned about the issue of the public in recent days. Wei Shuxia said that the floating dust weather is showing a weakening trend in the region. According to meteorological data analysis, the next three days, Xining is sunny or cloudy weather, is expected on the night of 16, the province of East, North will appear a weak precipitation process. (author: Rong Lijun)

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