Xining held a press conference to further improve the provincial environmental quality

in the forty-second "World Environment Day" is approaching, the reporter learned from the June 4th Xining municipal government press conference was informed that since last year, Xining city to create a national environmental protection model city as the carrier, vigorously implement the key environmental protection projects, earnestly implement the total control and pollution reduction task, the work has achieved positive progress, the city’s air and ground water and drinking water and further improve the quality of the environment.

according to the announcement, the surface water quality in Xining section of Huangshui River Basin has been effectively improved, which III type water than in 2011 increased by 36.3 percentage points, V and IV of the water has been reduced by 18.2 percentage points over the previous year, the inferior class V water there. The situation improved to keep the city’s main river water, Huangshui River and its tributaries (Xining section) a total of 11 monitoring sections, 9 monitoring sections to reach the target of water environmental function zoning, the standard rate of section 81.8%. The city’s centralized drinking water quality compliance rate of 100%. The city’s 42 state-controlled and provincial control enterprise pollutant emissions was a monthly environmental monitoring, the 25 medical units and 1 medical waste disposal centers pollution treatment facilities operation conducted a special inspection, to ensure the normal operation of pollution disposal facilities. With meticulous supervision as the goal, the implementation of three level grid monitoring system, the personnel, location, set standards, given the responsibility "as the main content, for all areas of the city conducted the investigation on the grid mesh, sewage enterprises and environmental violations of all-round, multi angle, sort out the main the environmental pollution problems, effectively promote the city’s environmental supervision norms and institutionalized management.

at the same time, the city’s ambient air quality excellent days up to 315 days, excellent rate of 86.7%. To increase the comprehensive pollution control efforts to the city, urban 99 coal-fired boiler soot emissions were monitored on the 56 boiler emissions exceed the standard rectification, four to 947 catering units of smoke governance, effectively reducing urban air pollutant emissions. To strengthen the supervision and management of motor vehicle pollution control, completed the annual motor vehicle environmental monitoring 157 thousand and 800 vehicles, the implementation of green standard motor vehicle management issued green yellow 132 thousand and 800 vehicles, 11 thousand and 900 vehicles, motor vehicle detection rate reached more than 80%. (author: Xiao Liu)

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