The province held a commemoration of the thirteenth world blood donor day activities

in the thirteenth "world blood donor day", June 14th, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission jointly civilization office, provincial blood center and many other units in the city of Xining jointly held the thirteenth "world blood donor day blood donation anniversary.

voluntary blood donation is a noble cause for the benefit of the people, is a social system engineering. According to statistics, since 1998, the "People’s Republic of China blood donation law" since the implementation of the work has been for 13 consecutive years of medical blood from 100% voluntary blood donation blood donation in our province, Xining City, four consecutive times won the national blood donation advanced city "title. The 596 blood donors were awarded the national blood donation of gold, silver and bronze. 16 years, the province has a total of more than 50 people participated in the voluntary blood donation, blood donation amounted to 170 tons, only in 2015, Xining voluntary blood donors up to 32237 passengers, for medical clinical blood supply of 14 tons. In the future, the province will further strengthen the leadership, make clear the task, and gradually establish a long-term mechanism of government led, multi sectoral cooperation and social participation "blood donation to provide a solid guarantee for the blood to further promote the comprehensive health care reform and people’s health.

the theme of this event is the blood to connect you and me, share life, donate blood". The day of the event, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission of 15 blood donation advanced individual awarded the third session of the Xining city "blood donation star" medal, and 2014 – 2015 in the year 25 units have made outstanding contributions in the work of blood donation were commended.


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