The transformation of great concern into the power of action twelve on the study and implementati

earnest exhortations to keep in mind the mission, temper forward. General secretary Xi Jinping to visit our province is Qinghai’s largest development opportunities, fully affirmed the work of Qinghai General Secretary Xi, is a great inspiration to the people, but also a great encouragement to the cadres at all levels, we must seize the opportunity, exert positive action, as the great care of the General Secretary Xi into a powerful driving force officer entrepreneurship, to push forward the cause of Qinghai.

are fully affirmed, look — this is a great encouragement, that since eighteen Party’s work in our province is completely in line with the central spirit, in line with the law of development, in line with the actual Qinghai, cadres and masses of all ethnic groups to forge ahead, always maintain high spirited work motivation, the cause has made new achievements; this is a powerful spur Qinghai, the development task is still very difficult, the whole province must continue to reform and innovation, hard work, efforts in ecological civilization first area, the development of circular economy pilot area, national unity and progress of advanced area construction continue to create new performance. It can be said that under the new situation, study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai during an important speech, the great concern of the General Secretary Xi into a powerful driving force of entrepreneurship, is an urgent need for the unity of thinking, clear direction, is an urgent need to win the development of new advantages, create a new situation, is to improve the Party cadres the team accomplishment, enhance the ability to manage complex situations in urgent need.

took great care into action, to deeply understand and accurately grasp the General Secretary Xi "four major requirements, not only solid" quick thinking and action into the spirit of the speech, lead the way, with the spirit of the speech to guide practice and also to keep a clear head, face the problems and deficiencies, to further strengthen the faith pursuit. Strengthen the sense of play, deepen the feelings of the people, to carry forward the pragmatic style, using the scientific method, the spirit of the speech habits into strategic thinking to guide future development, into concrete measures to promote the work, change the style into action; in accordance with the General Secretary Xi’s "four down" major requirements, combined with the deployment of the provincial government work, study and solve the existing local area, departments and units in the reform development and stability Major problems, study and solve the urgent problems in the production and life of the masses, study and solve the outstanding problems existing in Party building, to promote the down-to-earth style of work tasks, and air plant.

care inspire motivation, hard work brings results. Let us strengthen the general business sense of mission and responsibility, the courage to overcome difficulties, pioneering and innovative spirit of hard work, ambition, down-to-earth, overcome difficulties, to promote Qinghai’s economic and social development to a new stage.


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