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1, must wear a bra

The selection of

should be determined according to the speed and size of breast development. Puberty, breast should be fully developed, should not bind breast development, wear comfortable, loose clothes, do not wear tight underwear, not corset. Girls generally grow to 16 to 18 years of age and breast development has been close to maturity, should begin wearing a bra. If the age of less than 16 years of age and the upper and lower breast distance of less than 16 cm, it is not appropriate to wear a bra. Premature wear bra is not conducive to the development of the breast, but also affect the secretion of milk.

4, increase nutrition to promote breast development.

2, when to start wearing a bra for good

model: choose the right bra is too big not to play the role of breast care teams, too small will hinder breast development, the right bra size is measured at the end of his chest, with the soft leather ruler along both sides of the lower edge of the breast a week of measurement, this size is bra size. If the bottom circumference is 76 cm, 76 cm should buy bra.

5, often take part in physical exercise and sports, such as swimming, push ups, spring chest movement, strengthen the chest muscles exercise, make breast development of aerobics.

maintenance of the chest a lot of girls will be ignored, although the chest is not exposed, but the maintenance is necessary, maintenance, and can make their own chest more perfect.

3, wear bra note

cotton bra soft, breathable, absorbent as well, and not made of nylon or Dacron bra. Bra is best to have an elastic band, to adapt to breathing and exercise.

6, group activities promote breast massage breast muscle, increase the tension, to stimulate breast development, breast augmentation to chest.

bra can reflect the unique beauty of women, good for human health. The bra can make the breast get support and help support the breast blood circulation and smooth, contribute to the development of breast, nipple protection can prevent scratches, prevent breast sagging, and can reduce the labor movement and walking, swing and breast discomfort. Can promote the accumulation of fat in the breast, so that the breast more plump, can keep the breast clean, but also make up for the breast is too small and other physiological defects.

the bra in the summer should be washed every day for at least two times a week in winter, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the breast.

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