Province to carry out the green bookmark action series of promotional activities

in order to guide me to save the children’s love of reading, reading good books, good reading, consciously resist the illegal publications, according to the national pornography Office of the unified deployment, the province pornography office in the "61" International Children’s Day is approaching, in order to protect the young children to carry out to help Tong Jiankang grow away from and resist harmful publications "as the theme of" green bookmark action "series of promotional activities.

It is reported that the activities of

, based in Xining, the activities include: promoting "humiao" broadcast animation videos in the province on the site; in some schools, the community, the square post "green bookmark action posters, to students and society the mass distribution of green book, sign, signature related organization activities in Xining; Grand Cross of Xinhua Bookstore, Xining bookstore, Xining Simon bookstores and other large book stores, to carry out the promotion of outstanding children’s books and books and other green bookmark preferential activities.


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