Xining deployment of the sixth national census of urban residents in the Census Area

November 20th, the Xining Municipal Statistics Department to deploy the sixth national census work. Reporters learned that the current preparatory work has already started, the scope of all living in the administrative area of Xining population belong to the sixth national census, including resident population, resident population, household population in Xining and non Xining household population, population and foreign population.

the census is divided into four stages. This year from August to October 2010 for the preparatory phase of the census. At this stage, the statistics department will set up a leading mechanism and working mechanism, the census work plans, budget preparation, pilot census census, census division, census census of propaganda and mobilization, business training, account consolidation, population inventory thoroughly etc.. The census standard time is at 0:00 on November 1, 2010, the basic situation of the main survey of the population and households, including gender, age, nationality, education, industry, occupation, and migration, social security, marriage, birth, death, housing and so on. Identify the number of population, flow direction, employment, housing and other basic situation. Census of the implementation of the "land registration", the census taker to visit the site survey method.


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