Xining annual performance appraisal people evaluation great efforts

reporter learned from the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the 2012 annual Xining county leadership and county cadres work target performance appraisal curtain. From December 10th to the end of the month this month, 8 assessment teams to the county and municipal units to carry out the annual performance appraisal.

this year, Xining will be the annual assessment adjusted to performance appraisal, showing four new changes. First, the comparability of evaluation is more prominent. This year the city in four districts and three counties, Party committee, government economic and social groups, and in six categories of evaluation, evaluation into 13 group sorting, over the years has often been rated as excellent appraisal in the key departments placed in the same group, do strong contrast. At the same time, the Party Organization Department as the examination departments only accept examination, no longer participate in the order of evaluation.

second, "people evaluation" system more sound. This year, the party, the NPC deputies and CPPCC members and rural, community, non-public enterprises, social organizations and other people to become the main body of performance evaluation, and a large number of random sampling to ensure the authenticity of public opinion. In order to expand the people comment, the computer-assisted telephone survey (CATI) sample masses satisfaction survey is expanded to 2000, and the new evaluation of the municipal authorities units of public satisfaction, the whole society to further improve the evaluation scores.

third, more diverse forms of assessment. In the past the cadre examination of the "short board", a comprehensive evaluation of the new year at the county level cadres and municipal leaders in charge of assessment factors, percentile score and assessment team, reduce the weight of the team performance and team member performance; combined with the introduction of this daily assessment supervision and accountability two way the daily supervision and evaluation, the first half of the democratic evaluation etc. quantitative scores, according to the proportion included in the total score, breaking the drawbacks of the year-end assessment of "short-lived business".

fourth is the assessment results and the use of leading cadres, awards, honors linked. Clear the county leading cadres comprehensive assessment score after the top 3% cadres into the screening range, by the Party Organization Department to implement the "two investigation" verification, is found to have problems or not is flawed, but not in a state of being ordinary cadres, admonishing conversation or post adjustment. (author: small words)



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