Xining held a contract campaign

during the May Day holiday, sponsored by the provincial forestry department, the Provincial Wildlife Protection Association of Qinghai province thirty-first "contract" promotional activities held in Xining, promotional activities will end on May 12th.

it is reported that since 1981 to carry out the contract, the province’s forestry system and all levels of the wildlife conservation society in support of the community participation, adhere to the annual contract organization activities, every year to determine a theme of propaganda in the form loved by the masses, will focus on publicity and propaganda usually combine, focusing on the promotion of national the wild animal protection laws and regulations, the popularization of scientific knowledge of wild animal protection.

according to the survey, a total of 292 kinds of birds in the province, accounting for the country’s bird species of 1/4, with a variety of unique species, rich in natural resources. At present, our province has established Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve nature reserve to protect the birds, through years of efforts, the whole society bird bird protection consciousness to strengthen unceasingly, the protection of birds work great achievements. (author: Zhang Pu)

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