mplementation of the province’s industrial and commercial registration system reform

In April 22nd, reporters from the provincial government information office held in Qinghai Province, the industrial and commercial registration system reform press conference was informed that, in order to further relax controls on the main market access, greatly reduce the threshold for the establishment of enterprises, but also right in the market, but also right on the main market, the establishment of a fair and open and transparent market rules, the province will be the reform of business registration system.

it is reported, to conscientiously implement the State Council on promoting the facilitation of business registration system, I formulated the "opinions" of the people’s Government of Qinghai Province on the reform of business registration system to promote the development of the province’s main market, realize the industrial and commercial registration, wide access facilitation goals, in accordance with the "convenient and efficient, standardized and unified, wide strict management" principle, our province’s industrial and commercial registration reform will be divided into twelve specific matters.

the cancellation of the registered capital paid registration system, subscribed registration system.

– to relax the conditions for registration of the registered capital, cancel the limited liability company, a limited liability company, Limited by Share Ltd, the minimum registered capital restrictions.

/ cancel the enterprise annual inspection system, to the annual report of the public system.

the relaxation of residence (place of business) registration conditions, as long as the applicant submit proof to the legitimate use of premises to be registered, will also allow according to a multi site and a photo multiple access".

the implementation of e-business license unified standard, identity authentication and electronic signature services for e-government and e-commerce.

– "after the first card photo to after the first photo card, to engage in production and business activities require a license, to the competent authorities for permission to hold a business license and related materials.

– relaxed business scope, mode of operation restrictions. Has not yet included in the national economic industry classification of emerging industries, can be approved in accordance with the application of the industry to express the use of emerging industry language business scope.

the decentralization of business registration jurisdiction. The registered capital of 50 million yuan or more enterprises can choose to register at the provincial administrative department for Industry and commerce or the territorial industry and Commerce Administration department.

– simplified registration procedures. That is, the implementation of the registration of the audit system. The application for the change of registration matters, the filing matters and the renewal of business license shall be handled directly by the window registration personnel.

– encourage individual businesses to upgrade. Where laws and regulations do not prohibit non-public enterprises to operate the industry and projects, allowing individual industrial and commercial households to operate, while encouraging the transformation and upgrading of individual industrial and commercial enterprises.

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