ntegration of the road parking resources to solve the problem of Xining chain trick parking

Simon stadium parking lot

Wen Temple roadside temporary parking areas

ward building underground parking lot

sports Plaza open parking lot

transmission and substation to the underground parking lot

Wangfujing department store underground parking lot

with the rapid growth of the number of car ownership in Xining, parking has become a car family heart disease. In order to effectively solve the parking problem, the relevant departments of Xining mining and integration of road parking resources, effectively ease the parking problem.

146 to open to the public within the parking lot

to mobilize social forces to solve the contradiction between supply and demand of parking in Xining, the integration of resources and rational utilization, four districts of Xining city traffic police department Mopai, visited nearly two months, and with the relevant departments and units of communication and consultation, at present, has been open to the public on 146 in the parking lot, for social vehicle parking tickets.

It is reported that

, Xining city traffic police department in accordance with the municipal government on parking management, parking violations remediation requirements, held a special meeting to implement the norms of parking management measures based on the requirements of the four district traffic police on the area of curb parking area, parking lot, parking lot, etc. further Mopai visit, digging area parking potential, make full use of limited resources, will be part of the implementation of open parking lot, as much as possible to provide parking service to the public, to alleviate parking problems. Especially in the bustling commercial district area parking problem, active communication and collaboration with relevant departments, will be located in the bustling commercial road has parking conditions unit parking lot parking scene, open to the community, the implementation unit, the catering industry surrounding road parking services limited.

Xining city traffic police detachment Chen Xinping said, solve the parking problem, to ensure the smooth flow of road safety has a direct effect. Next, the traffic police department will continue to communicate and contact, strive for more internal parking lot open to the shops along the street, the unit, especially in the main road, commercial street, near the residential units, "a hand", to meet the parking demand units on the basis of internal opening, through the the joint efforts of the whole society solve the parking problem.

city has a total of 157 temporary parking point

believe that many owners have had a similar experience: friends together, but because the party near the site of no parking, had to "fight" to; want to go to the mall to buy clothes, but can not give up because of the nearby parking……


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