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MM for the day a lot of ratite worry about how to breast, there are many methods of breast, breast, breast, breast massage exercise diet…… With the method of chest will naturally become larger. Here to tell you the most effective way, but also the most healthy and natural breast enhancement method, do not know how to breast you quickly learn to learn!

points four: chest movement

chest and abdomen are not professional in the dance, bending back Hanxiong habit is the most easy to overlook the cup murderer, develop the habit of chest abdomen from the first moment of the visual will make you a cup of up, in addition to the chest bone development is also very important, so, from now on, no matter the cup is satisfied, to make myself a healthy woman with chest and head high!

point one: choose the right underwear

women breast development and food has a great relationship. Modern medicine has long proved that women’s breast development and food has a great relationship. You know, is rich in fat breast glandular tissue, in addition to part of the population because of the relationship between the genetic and its endocrine cause of breast development will be more rapid than peers, to strengthen the acquired breast development, is very important to eat some help to stimulate endocrine food is.


simple exercise, as the name suggests, is a few very simple and convenient small movement. Have you thought about it? Yes, it’s the famous chest movement. But we will introduce here on the basis of the original add a little bit of small things, the effect will be more obvious Oh!

stands like the pine, sit like a bell, thousands of years old must condense ancestors thousands of years of experience and reason. Normal posture is correct or not for the chest line is playing a pivotal role.


points five: massage the chest to promote blood circulation

tips: breast best period

chest does not belong to its own muscle tissue, so it seems that it looks tall and straight, it requires the use of external help. Fortunately, humans are the most intelligent animals, bra is considered one of the greatest inventions in human history. But be careful in choosing a bra but a university asked me not alarmist, if made the wrong choice, bra every minute change "bad omen"

points two: eat more conducive to stimulate the endocrine food

have to mention here, many stars are strongly recommended nozzle stimulation, persist in the shower in the process of using hydraulic nozzles on both sides of the breast massage every day (in the summer you can try alternating hot and cold), stimulate breast tissue blood circulation, a few minutes a day, the curve will imperceptibly plump.

in menstruation to eleventh, 12, 13 of the day, or eighteenth, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 of the 7 day, do more chest massage, eat breast enhancement effect of food. Such as: green pepper, tomato.

three points: to develop the habit of chest abdomen

Standard action only need

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